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Bird Watching in the Algarve

At the Protected Ria Formosa Nature Reserve

Birdwatching in the Algarve used to be a closely guarded secret… but more and more twitchers are cottoning on to the outstanding species and scenery that can be observed on a birdwatching trip to the Algarve.

One of the best places to see a range of endangered species and fantastic birds in the 16,000 hectares of the protected Ria Formosa Nature Reserve. Here, you will find a diverse eco-system featuring saltmarshes and saltpans, freshwater lagoons, extensive flora and fauna, stunning pines and lush evergreens, along with outstanding coastal stretches, tidal flats, white sands and teaming wildlife; all of which are enclosed by a long run of sand dune islands and expansive peninsulas.

Amongst the wildlife you will encounter over 200 species of bird, many of which use Ria Formosa as a resting point and feeding station as they migrate between Africa and Northern Europe. A year round attraction, Ria Formosa offers the opportunity to observe breeding, migration, wintering and roosting birds in the most spectacular of habitats.

Much investment has been made into the study and conversation of the park’s inhabitants and bird watchers have the use of an extensive network of hides and other resources designed to observe a range of species, including:

  • Black-tailed Godwits
  • Ringed Plovers
  • Little Stints
  • Little Bitterns
  • Purple Swamp-hens
  • Marsh Harriers
  • Booted Eagles
  • Ferruginous Ducks
  • Purple Herons
  • Black-winged Kites
  • Purple Herons
  • Red-crested Pochards
  • Collared Pratincoles
  • Greater Flamingos
  • Kentish Plovers
  • European Bee-eaters
  • Red-necked Nightjars
  • Woodchat and Southern Grey Shrikes
  • Little Terns
  • Penduline Tits
  • Black-headed Weavers

The Formosa Park Apartment Hotel is located just on the edge of the nature reserve and provides bird watchers the perfect base to enjoy some of the finest birds to be found anywhere in the world.